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About My Personal Chef Services


Chef Charity of ForLife Personal Chef Service will come to your home on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule and prepare delicious and nutritious food that’s a joy to eat. Imagine coming home from a busy day and having something already in your kitchen ready for you to warm up and eat. You get to relax, enjoy the time with your family, your friends, and your home.

Our first meeting will be about what your needs are, your preferences, and your meal portion sizes. I generally prepare a certain number of dinner meals which include an entree and one or two accompanying side dishes. You can also order additional appetizers, desserts, extra meals such as items to take for lunch or breakfast on the go. The number of servings per meal depends entirely on your needs and your appetite.

DSC01660I specialize in using organic, local, and ethically raised and produced foods. I cook many cuisines, and can serve a wide range of diets from vegan to paleo, and from gluten free to a long list of allergies.

I charge $50 an hour for my services which include planning, shopping, cooking and packaging. Grocery costs are not included and will depend both on the quantity and the quality. The first week also has a one-time cost of $40 for special

packaging designed to make everything go smoothly for you at each meal time.

DSC01538I am also available for small catering jobs, such as dinner parties, tea parties, brunches, and cocktail parties. The charge per hour is $50.

My service area is Santa Cruz County and Los Gatos, Ca. I will travel farther with an additional travel fee for gas.

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