Through the Fire

Cooking our way into a new relationship with food!

Welcome to our collective Journey through the fire. Fire transforms. Fire burns away the old and makes room for the new. Let’s explore together how to make the Kitchen a sacred space, how cooking can change the way we feel about food and the way we feel about feeding ourselves and others. We will celebrate how we make miraculous changes in our bodies, hearts, and spirits . I invite you to embark on this Journey through the Fire.

What a week!!

ThroughTheFire_Front Cover

It’s out!! You can now find my book, Through The Fire, cooking our way into a new relationship with food, on Amazon and the Balboa Press website. I have been so excited all day. I can hardly stand it. My dream come true. My work come to fruition. I look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts, questions, and your own experiences.


In a few days I fly to Crete. I go almost every year in the Spring for a beautiful retreat with the Dance of the Deer Foundation. It’s an incredibly beautiful and powerful place and I find much power there. Getting there, however, is a whole other story. Today I read this very poignant blog post about the experience of a fat man who was told he had to get off the plane. The person next to him refused to sit with him and there were no other seats. Every fat person’s nightmare, right there. Imagine how he felt walking off that plane. The author commented on how NO ONE offered any support, no words of encouragement, nothing. Only once , thank God, some one has requested to move instead of sit by me. It was a very loudly unhappy, very thin woman who was highly offended by my size. I made her feel very uncomfortable which she let me know right away. The flight attendant was very kind to me about the whole thing. I ended up with no one next to me so I was the lucky one. I pity the person who ended up sitting next to my former seat mate no matter what size they were. This flight I will be flying to Europe, so a lonnnnng flight, made ever so much longer and more uncomfortable by my inevitable efforts to hold myself in, to try to make myself smaller. I usually keep my arms tucked around me in some way, squeeze my legs together. The tray table may or may not come all the way down, its progress impeded by my belly. I have a seat belt extender which sometimes I need, sometimes i don’t. I love being in the places where I go, but the traveling there can be pretty painful and sometimes humiliating. I am not relaxed nor looking forward to that part of the experience.


The other wonderful thing happening this week is my birthday!! I turn 65 on Saturday. Me, a senior citizen!! Yep. So, I’ve already gotten an amazing present with my book being published. And I’ll be celebrating in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Life is good.

See you in a few weeks when I get back.


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