Through the Fire

Cooking our way into a new relationship with food!

Welcome to our collective Journey through the fire. Fire transforms. Fire burns away the old and makes room for the new. Let’s explore together how to make the Kitchen a sacred space, how cooking can change the way we feel about food and the way we feel about feeding ourselves and others. We will celebrate how we make miraculous changes in our bodies, hearts, and spirits . I invite you to embark on this Journey through the Fire.

Random Thoughts From the Road…

I’ve been traveling for 3 weeks now and have some thoughts about food. ( well, lots of thoughts about lots of things but I’ll stick to food for now)


I drove through a couple thousand miles of ranch land, of gigantic grain fields, in Eastern Washington, Montana, North Dakota.  The wide open spaces were beautiful, as were all the colors of golds and browns, with only dots of green here and there. This beauty began to challenge me. All this grain production represents all that I abhor about our current food system, our agriculture system, how we feed ourselves. Mono-cropping! This is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiple crops on the same land. It’s killing our soil. Here is an article which explains it really well.

I have had sections of my travel during which it  was challenging to find food that both was good for me and that I enjoyed. I gave up on good vegetables a few times. I found food co-ops in a few unexpected places so could at least load up on good snacks. I learned that the greens powder I brought along was a really good idea. So, at least, I got the nutrition from green things if not the actual fresh things themselves. I’m on the east coast now making my way south, visiting friends, going through areas with farmers’ markets, farm stands, and healthy grocery stores. Many of my friends belong to CSAs and have provided me with delicious fresh from the farm meals. My heart thanks them, as does my belly.

I see how things have changed for the good. And, I see how much work there is to do. I’m glad to have my eyes opened a bit. I stepped out of my California bubble of grooviness, good weather, and organic avocados for everyone, and have gotten a reminder of why I live there. I appreciate all the food warriors around the country, all those working for change whether it be through blog writing and education, or the farmers and ranchers out doing the hard work of promoting organics and small farms, and all the good folks who vote with our dollars every day, cooking and eating good food.

Here are some of my photos.

 organic meat for your pets,Portland OR


 the Temple Wilton farm in New Hampshire

 Eastern Washington

 fresh from the farm brunch near Boston


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