Through the Fire

Cooking our way into a new relationship with food!

Welcome to our collective Journey through the fire. Fire transforms. Fire burns away the old and makes room for the new. Let’s explore together how to make the Kitchen a sacred space, how cooking can change the way we feel about food and the way we feel about feeding ourselves and others. We will celebrate how we make miraculous changes in our bodies, hearts, and spirits . I invite you to embark on this Journey through the Fire.

Your Last Meal

I haven’t mentioned my book, Through The Fire, cooking our way into a new relationship with food, in quite a while. Yes, I would still love to have you buy it and read it. It’s on Amazon or ask for it at your local independent bookstore. One of the sections in the book has to… Continue Reading

Oh, The Irony…

  My last post was about staying healthy in the winter time. A few days later… yep, you guessed it. Boom, here comes the crud. Fever, chills, achey, panic.  That part lasted a few days, then I have just been exhausted. I’ve cancelled this, postponed that. Now I am better. Still tired, some aches in… Continue Reading

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