About Charity Dasenbrock


2015Charity032Let me introduce myself. I am Charity Dasenbrock.
I live in Central California and work as a personal chef. I love to cook, having learned from my mother. Some of my happiest memories are spending time with her in the kitchen as a child and later as an adult.

Paradoxically, she and I had great battles over my weight.  I have a long history of dieting and varying degrees of struggle with weight and self esteem issues.

Currently, I am at peace with my diet. It is no longer a dirty 4 letter word. It simply means what I eat. I eat extremely well. My diet consists of almost 100% organic nutrient dense food, locally grown, sustainable and ethically raised and processed.

My feelings about my body are definitely still a work in progress. Some days I am a goddess, some days not so much. My journey isn’t so much about losing weight these days as feeling whole, accepting and loving who I am, nourishing my body, and feeling healthy.

I have been interested in nutrition for many years and have learned a great deal. My current passion is in the field of the psychology of eating and body/mind nutrition. My spiritual path is a deep and strong one and greatly influences all the aspects of my life.

I so look forward to sharing my continuing journey through the fire of transformation of body, heart, and spirit with you here. I hope to be of some help and inspiration along the way.


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