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Take A Breath

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from the road on my Epic Adventure, traveling the US…

 a side trip off the highway in Montana

I am two weeks into my 2 month  journey around the country. Most of my way has been smoky so far. It has gotten me thinking a lot about breathing. Some days, it has been a bit hard. I have a history of lung challenges and have a pretty good allergy/sensitivity to smoke, so I have been cautious and wondering how I would do. Happily, mostly pretty well! I’ve done a lot of healing work on these lungs the last year and I can see it has paid off. Phew.

There are forest fires everywhere. Some places the smoke has been pretty thick. Moving east, it seems to be clearing a bit but there are fires here as well.

How often do you think about your breath ? It feels good to pause and take some deep ones, doesn’t it ? Seemingly, such a simple thing. Breathing is involuntary. Our body does it for us. Except when things break down and it can’t, or there are obstacles,one of those being smoke. Being in this smoky environment is a good reminder not to take breathing for granted. I have some friends here in the smoky areas who have been having trouble. I have friends far outside of the area who are having breathing troubles for other health reasons. It’s difficult to see and hear someone struggling with breathing. Each breathe is life, is a new chance to keep living.


In Shamanic culture, Grandmother Eagle Goddess ( which includes hawks as well) represents the Breath of Life. My friend who lives in a very smoky area in Montana and I happened upon this hawk one smoky morning. A reminder how sacred breath is, how sacred air is. Try to remember that with each breath.

So, how about stopping right now. And take some deep breaths. How often do you do that ? It’s cleansing, it slows us down, it gives us energy. Another interesting breath related thing is notice as you are breathing normally, which has more energy, your in breath or the out ?? Are you taking life in fully or are you pushing it out ? Maybe you are in balance, in and out are about the same. Curious,huh ?

Just Breathe….


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