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A Different View of Digestion

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This  week I am doing an Ayurvedic Cleanse for the summer. It’s a very gentle not your usual cleanse in that we will be eating lots of yummy food and drinking all kinds of good things. No fasting, not much restricting, more about adding in those foods which will help reduce inflammation and balance our digestive fire. Some of us need more, and some need less.

This is a re write of a post from many years ago with some thoughts about digestion.

A different view of digestion

I’m looking forward to participating in a group cleanse this week. The reasons for this are many. I have committed to doing some form of cleansing every season. I have experienced many improvements in my digestion ( better motility, more frequent bowel movements, release of old toxic material), more energy, and an overall sense of well being.While my digestion has improved, I know it can be better.

It is well known amongst cleansers that sometimes emotional issues arise, and perhaps will fall away. I  wrote recently about some of my history with cheese. It really came to me that my current sensitivities to gluten and dairy stem from earlier times in my life of over eating cheese and wheat. Consuming lots of said food without pleasure, without consciousness, without much thought. I regularly sought the numbness and fog that came from over eating cheese sandwiches, pizza, cheese and crackers, etc. I realize that the phlegm which comes after eating that now, the gagging feelings, the feeling of having something stuck in my throughout contains a lot of power, contains memories. Contains unsaid words, shame, guilt, unhappiness. The questions I like to ask myself around all this are what needs to be felt, what in my life haven’t I fully digested? What experiences have I not fully owned ? What emotions have I not fully experienced ? What words have I just swallowed and they are down there waiting to be digested ?


One can view our experiences, our emotions, our thoughts as forms of food – food for the soul perhaps. We need to take them in, chew on them, take in the nourishment we need, and excrete the waste, that which we don’t need. Our thoughts can give us energy the same as our food gives us energy when we eat a highly nutritious and nourishing meal, or they can drain us, such as when we over eat or eat something our body really doesn’t need.

How are we choosing what food to eat ? So much information is out there about nutrition for the Body. Eat this, don’t eat that! What about that food for the soul ( the true soul food)? How are we choosing what thoughts and feelings to take in ?  Am I just taking in what is in front of me not paying attention to what nourishment it will provide if any ?  Am I aware of the difference between nutrition and nourishment ?  Am I asking my soul what I need ?

Are you consuming platefuls of negative thoughts ? glass after glass of fear and worry ? How many “bad” experiences are still working their way through the digestive process ? Pause and breathe. The digestive process needs oxygen to fully metabolize what we put in our mouths. So does this digestive process. Here is a breathing technique taught by a friend of mine. Try it and some of his others.

Life is what it is. We all have a past and stories. We must “own” our experiences, then we can move on. ( motility) We need to fully feel our feelings, the pains and the sorrows and the joys.(complete digestion) There is nourishment there. When we fully take in Life, we can fully release that which does not serve us. This makes room for the new!


Thanks for reading, and thanks for giving this blog some life. I posed lots of questions and certainly do not claim to have the answers. We are all works in progress. I am so interested in having conversations here. Please, share your thoughts and your own experience with this.


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