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Does my Bathing Suit make you feel fat ?

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I got an interesting amazing compliment from a man recently in a conversation about bathing suits. He told me that I always look good in my bathing suit. What ?? I was shocked to hear that from him in particular but also just plain shocked to hear it at all. Someone thinks that ?? Whoa!!

I recently got invited by a male friend ( not the one above) to join him in the hot tub. We had not seen each other in bathing suits before and I found myself getting a bit anxious. Not so anxious that I didn’t want to do it, but wondering how it was going to be. It turned out to be great actually. I was completely comfortable and it absolutely was not any kind of deal for him. We even managed to hug each other goodbye. I will admit it seemed we were both being careful but it felt really good to me. It had been a long time since I had a man’s bare arms around me and that much skin to skin contact. Plus, we were all warm from the hot water!

Plus size bathing suits have come a long way, baby! There is now a fabulous trend of “wear what you want” and two piece bathing suits, tankinis, bikinis abound in all sizes and shapes. How great is that ? I think it’s pretty damn great.

 from Buzzfeed

She looks fabulous!

and this!


I couldn’t find anyone today to take my photo in my suit so that will wait for another post.

I have several eating psychology coaching friends in Southern California who are putting on events designed to help women feel good in their suits, all sizes invited. Please check out Natalie Baack,  and Anita Avalos for information and inspiration.

This is an area I feel I have made much progress. I still might get a two piece suit but mostly I’m about comfort and a one piece suits me ( haha, pun intended) well. I just want to be able to swim laps if that’s what I’m about that day, or frolic on the beach if that’s what I am about. I am not sure I have ever frolicked on the beach as an adult ! Sit and have a beach-y kind of cocktail if that’s on the day’s agenda,, or hang out with my house mate in the back yard. Why not ??

So, today I have immense gratitude to my male friends who gave me a great gift of acceptance this week. I have gratitude for the wonderful healing powers of water and sun.

Please enjoy your summer and don’t let your fears and shame about your body keep you inside on a beautiful day.


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