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this is a revision and update of an old post from a few years ago.
Strawberries! So good, we wait and wait for strawberry season. I have a small patch in my garden and they are coming in strong and delicious right now.  I am happily eating strawberries almost every day. For many years I lived in Oregon, where they grow wonderful strawberries. Along with other Oregonians, I was quite the snob about California strawberries. They always arrived in the stores before the local berries, and usually being desperate for some new kind of fruit, I would purchase some. And, every year, every time, I would poo poo them, saying that Oregon strawberries were FAR superior to California berries. ( of course, for many years, Oregon had the reputation of poo pooing anything Californian!!)  And now that I happily live in California, while not putting down Oregon berries, I do know that what makes each region’s berries “the best” is eating them when they are fresh, in season, and have not travelled in a truck to get to my kitchen!  And, of course, that they have not been sprayed with pesticides. Strawberries are high on the list of foods that are SO important to eat organic. Not only does that improve our own health, and the health of the planet, please always remember the health and well being of the workers who picked those berries ( and so much of our food).

 My favorite way to eat strawberries, I must admit, is straight from the basket, or even better right off the plant. Nothing added. Sometimes, the basket is empty by the time I get home from the farmers’ market or the store!

Sometimes, less is more. And sometimes, it is nice to add something special. Have you ever had balsamic syrup ?? oh my. It is a lovely little bit of elegance that is so easy to do.

In researching ideas for this blog, I found this recipe, which called out to me. Not that I go on that many picnics, but wouldn’t a glass of strawberry wine be lovely on a warm day, shared with a friend ?

I often make this recipe found in Eat Fat, Lose Fat .( by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon)  Shrub is an “old-timey” beverage from before the days of soda pop. Now, that is an invention that changed the course of peoples’ nutrition for sure.  You can make shrub with any fresh seasonal fruit.

Strawberry Shrub

2 cups crushed strawberries

1 cup coconut vinegar ( you can experiment with other vinegars such as apple cider which is what was originally used, or champagne vinegar would be good)

5 cups purified water

Mix all the ingredients in a large jar and cover tightly. Let sit on the counter for 2 days. Strain. Serve with pinch of salt, and dilute with sparkling water. You will not really taste the vinegar per se. It is tart and refreshing, and because it is fermented is so good for your digestion. Enjoy!

There are so many fabulous ways to enjoy strawberries. What are some of your favorites ?

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