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Talkin’ bout a Resolution…

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Happy New Year everyone!! Whoa, 2017. How did that happen ??

Do you make resolutions ? I no longer do. I feel totally set up for failure by the whole idea. I have my own long history of making them and breaking them, hoping for change and then giving up. Somehow, failure seems built in.

I get the idea of using the energy of the New Year to start something new. I understand setting goals. What I choose to do is to set my intention for the year ahead. I see this as something different from a resolution as it is more about emotions, spiritual matters, Soul work rather than pounds lost, tasks accomplished, etc.

I just returned from a beautiful New Year retreat up in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. We had some snow on our last day there. The air was clean, crisp, and so refreshing. We prayed and made pilgrimage. We danced our prayers into the Earth. We set our intentions for this year ahead. We prayed for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, our nations, and the world. We danced long into the night with joy and laughter, thinking good thoughts, and sending out our love .

My intentions are to honor my commitments to myself. I want to find parts of myself I seem to have lost, to release whatever isn’t serving me anymore. I want to be healthy and vibrant.

How about you ?? What are your intentions ?


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