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What if… ?

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What if we didn’t define ourselves by our looks and our possessions? What if we defined ourselves by our values and our inner wisdom ?

What if it is okay to be any skin color ? any sexual preference? What if you aren’t interested in sex and that is okay ? What if it is okay to be any religion ? What if it didn’t matter where you live ? What if it didn’t matter what size or shape you are ?

What if everyone was comfortable in an airplane seat ? What if everyone fit in a movie seat, a booth in a restaurant ?

What if you are super tall and didn’t feel like hunching your shoulders and could walk strong and tall ?

What if you wear whatever you feel like wearing ? What if you are over 300 pounds and wear a bikini to the beach ? What if you have a big butt and wear leggings ? What if you have skinny legs and wear shorts ?

What if when you wanted a piece of chocolate, you ate one ? What if it was delicious and you let yourself have another ?

What if no one makes fun of the kid wearing glasses ? What if no one getst teased for how they look or think?

What if we all practiced random acts of kindness ? What if we all performed/created senseless acts of beauty?

What if we all have that ability to make something beautiful in the world ? What if we all do it ?

What if we all got the 20 hugs a day the researchers say we need ? What if we gave twice that many ?

What if we all stopped supporting the industries that are killing us ? What if we all stopped buying over the counter drugs ? What if we looked to the Earth for our medicine ? What if we stopped supporting Big Agriculture and bought our food from farmers ?

What if we all love our bodies ? What if we think we are okay just the way we are ? What if we think each other is okay ? What if we thought we are more than okay ? What if we think we are glorious?

What if our prayers/dreams/wishes came true ? What if we believe and expect that ?

What if ??

Just some random deep thoughts on a cloudy last day of November, offered to you with love.

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