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Forgetting to Remember

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I haven’t been writing much lately. not here, not there, not anywhere.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya AngelouI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I love that quote. Why do I continue to bear that agony then ?? A simple ( though not really) answer is that I am used to bearing agony. My body is conditioned to bear it, all the baggage and burdens I’ve been dragging for a long time. My soul knows that day(s) will come when not only do the bags and burdens get set down, the suitcases get emptied and put away in the garage or closet, the trash and recycling go out and picked up on Thursday, and unfinished business gets dealt with. The soul also knows that day comes when I just might find some more shit to pick up along my journey. A difficult truth for me lately is how hard it is for me to be happy and content with myself for long, how hard it is to be at peace. Fortunately, those times of peace and contentment grow longer all the time. But, still …

Black trash bags piled up against grungy urban wall

. Regular readers will remember that last year I participated in Momentum, a year long Artist’s Immersion program. I got not only a published book out of the adventure but so much more – deep acknowledgement of my love of writing and creating, lots of good feedback and encouragement, friendship and community. I learned about commitment. I learned about good ways to support others in their creative endeavors. I gained self confidence and some solid skills. This weekend I attended the 6 month “works in progress” event for this year’s Momentum “class”. Phew! I viewed some powerful work, some intense growing taking place, and got a giant booster shot of creativity along with a kick in the pants to get over my whiny self and back to what I love and remember that I need to be creative and inwardly adventuresome! Yay!! I say thank you with all my heart to my friends up there on that stage and those behind the scenes.

Little Hispanic Girl Draws in an Urban Garden

Today I am committing to a few things, thanks to what I heard and saw this weekend. I’m getting a new journal today (one with big pages) and writing/drawing/doodling/etc. something in it daily for the next 30 days.  Look to my Facebook page  for an occasional peek into it. Tomorrow, I’ll be finally getting a new battery and new battery charger for my camera and putting my photo walkabouts back on my weekly schedule. I haven’t used my camera in weeks! ( ok, a few months) You will see the results of that on my Facebook page as well. Please stop by and “like” me there if you have not.

I need to be more at ease with multi tasking in general. Is it really a result of getting older ?? For sure, some of it is. But, in terms of creative processes, I am not sure. I have been putting most of my creative juice into practicing and having fun with playing the piano. Creative, yes. Does that mean that writing, coloring, creating new recipes, knitting all need to go by the wayside ?? Um, no. So if any of you have some creative solutions for me around that, please use the comments section and let me know!!

Over the last few days, I also have been able to remember the connection between our creative expression and our health. Expressing ourselves deeply affects our overall well being. Being who I am I see the connection between nutrition and creativity as well. One has an effect on the other. When I eat well and consequently don’t get that brain fog, I am able to connect to my creative self. When I connect to my creative self, there is one more reason to take good care of me. The Artist needs to be fed well, loved well, nurtured and nourished. The Artist needs juicy beautiful nourishment daily. We need Soul food as well as simple nutrients.

How are you feeding your Artist ?


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