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You talkin’ to me ??

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Again with the Facebook inspiration for the post! This came across my view this morning. Having lived alone for a long time, I talk to myself often! or I talk to my cat but that is a different post perhaps. Sometimes, it’s just random conversation, sometimes it’s a scolding, sometimes it’s a pep talk and sometimes I just need to hear a voice. Sometimes I make myself laugh!


Even if you do not talk to yourself out loud, I am sure each of us has inner conversations with ourselves. You don’t have to admit it. BUT, next time you do, notice what you say and how you say it ? Are you kind ? Are you open and loving ? Are you critical and derogatory ? Think of your very best friend and is that how you would talk with that person ? That is kind of an over used cliché, but it works.

There actually are some really good reasons for talking to yourself ( and there has been some research that you get more benefit if you do it out loud). It can help you problem solve, remember something,  or help you find things. If you do it positively, it can cheer you up and help you feel better about yourself. You can practice a talk, whether that is a professional speech, or a conversation that maybe will be difficult.

What is her point here, you might be asking yourself ??

Self talk is a really good tool for examining ourselves. How am I feeling today ? Fat? Wait, remember what Charity wrote about before ?? Fat is not an emotion! How am I really feeling about being fat ? oh yeah, today I am pissed off that I ate too much. ok, pissed off is an emotion!  etc, etc, etc.

I don’t do it on any kind of regular basis, but I do mirror work to help me know more about my body, to help me focus on how I feel about it, and allow myself to revel in the miracle that IS my body. I talk out loud to myself while I do it most of the time. OK, look at yourself, Charity. Tell me one thing that you love about you? Maybe, oh yeah, your skin looks good today, girl. Maybe, if I can’t find something, I tell myself to look more closely, to be kinder and softer with myself. You get the idea. Sometimes the voice stays inside my head but for sure, I can hear it. Sometimes, I whisper. I have never quite figured out what that is about – not wanting the other voices in my head to hear ?? LOL!! Sometimes I sing it out, or shout it!

So, if you haven’t had a good conversation with yourself lately, how about if you make a nice cup of tea, sit down and have a good chat. You might learn something.

I’ll end with this. If you are a regular reader, you know I love YouTube almost as much as Facebook!!

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