Through the Fire

Cooking our way into a new relationship with food!

Through The Fire Book, cooking our way into a new relationship with food

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Here it is! My book, finally. Click on the link above and it will take you to Amazon for ordering either a hardback, paperback, or Kindle format.

In this book you will find a mixture of my personal story ( blog posts), eating psychology information, practical solutions, and inner exploration suggestions to help you change your relationship to food, to cooking, to eating, and perhaps also your body. As you readers of my blog know, I am definitely a work in progress when it comes to my relationship with food. Of course. We are continually growing and changing and our inner and outer relationships do the same. I have found a major degree of healing that difficult relationship I have with food and eating through cooking, both for myself and others. The book, if I do say so myself, has some really good suggestions for things you can do on the inner plane ( ideas and feelings to examine) and on the outer ( changing things up in your kitchen, for example).


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