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Gowns, Graffiti, and Goat

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Last week I had a lovely inspirational day traveling to San Francisco with a friend. Our intention was to be inspired creatively and to get to spend some time together, getting to know each other better. Mission accomplished in a great way!!

This is not from that trip but we drove up the beautiful coast from Santa Cruz to the big City. This is a taste of that experience.

The drive gave us plenty of time to talk story and to laugh!

We found a place to park in the busy Mission District, eagerly got our cameras ready and had an all too short walk around looking at the very colorful street art. We filled ourselves with the energy of those who created this, the joy of being with all that color and energy, and the sounds and smells of that vibrant neighborhood.

DSC04519 DSC04517

DSC04474 DSC04495

After this, we were ready for some lunch. We headed towards the museum and decided to just see what we could find, which turned out to be nice little Indian restaurant where we happily ate some goat dishes and munched on vegetable pakora.

Then on to the de Young Museum to see an amazingly large and well curated exhibit of Oscar de la Renta fashion. My friend, Brie, with whom I went, is a clothing designer and a seamstress who is designing a collection as a project for the Momentum Artists’ Immersion program. This will sound familiar to regular readers as I participated in it last year. Her intent was to light some fire under herself and get busy. I needed some quality photography time.  We both wanted to fill ourselves with the color and the sparkle and the luxury. Some things made us laugh and scratch our heads, others we wanted to wear. All in all, it was gorgeous!! I found myself just as inspired by the interesting mannequins as the dresses. Some of my more “artistic” shots of the lighting, etc. didn’t come out all that well as the exhibit was dark. We were lucky to be allowed to take photos at all and to preserve the clothes, flash was not allowed.

DSC04527 DSC04542

DSC04611 DSC04581 DSC04529

DSC04595 DSC04536

This was all followed by another restaurant meal with my friend’s daughter and some more lovely conversation.

I had such a good day! filled with good conversation and good food. creative juices flowing. Grandmother Ocean. friendship. gratitude.

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