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I’m just catching you up on some interesting things I have seen and read on the internet this week and some random thoughts.


Peeps! I have never understood the allure of these as candy but I love all the interesting things people find to do with them.  Look here.


I said it would be random! Look at this amazing pie crust. I wish I had a photo of it after it was baked. I stole this from someone who stole it from someone on Facebook. I am hoping to soon attempt a simplified version. It’s so lovely. I’ll be using a version of this recipe from Epicurious.



After all my years of exploring, studying, believing, not believing, I am starting to get this and to able to go deeper. I’m not doing as well as I wish I were but I’m standing tall, I’m moving forward and loving myself no matter what.

Spring has sprung! Do you have a garden or a space for one ? I truly think that is one of the big steps we can take towards food freedom. We can have some freedom from commercial large scale agriculture, not as much dependence on them. When we are actively involved in the growing of food, our relationship to it changes so we can get some emotional and spiritual freedom as well. Depending on where you live, now is the time to plant or start planning. Make this year the one you eat home grown tomatoes. Eat your salad right out of the ground.


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