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Filling up and spilling over

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How are you filling yourself up ?? What feeds you ??

Spring is 2 days away. The Earth is waking up. It’s time for us to wake up as well. Winter has been for resting and dreaming. Now it’s time to act on those dreams. It’s time to come out of our caves and fill up. Think of a bear after hibernation – hungry for food and fresh air. It’s time to nourish ourselves with the freshness of Spring.

Growing plants

Having over indulged more than a few times this Winter, I am using this Spring energy to pay closer attention to my body’s needs. This means cleaning up my diet by once again eliminating sugar and alcohol, not allowing gluten to slither its way back in anymore, and truly taking advantage of the myriad of fresh vegetables and fruits that are available year round where I live. Now it’s asparagus, artichokes, lemons, nettles, strawberries, and all the other things that pretty much grow year round. Between the rain and the sugar, my body has gotten creakier, so I am moving more – walking, dancing. I haven’t made it back to the swimming pool yet. Stay tuned. Back on my supplements. Back seeing my health practitioners. Nourishing myself with the positive!

Today has been about finding the sweetness and the beauty in my life, being grateful for that. Gratitude is an incredible nutrient!


I filled myself with sweetness by connecting with some friends, by re-reading some beautiful comments on various of my Facebook posts this morning, while eating some delicious pineapple. While not really sustainable, pineapple is one of my favorite fruits so sometimes I just have to have it.


I am filling myself with color, wearing what, at least today, are my favorite pants. I have eaten really colorful food. No photo but my lunch salad had RED beets, ORANGE carrots, GREEN avocado, YELLOW and WHITE eggs. I had GREENS with my sausage for breakfast. I took myself out on a photo walk and filled myself with all the color and beauty of the spring flowers.


Part of the purpose of that walk besides the color was filling myself with Vitamin D. Thank the Goddess, it has been raining and raining here. Today is a glorious warm sunny day.

Abstract background - bright lights in darkness, bright gold lights

I filled myself with creativity and art, bringing my camera along. It’s been sitting in its bag too long. We can be fed deeply by our creative passions and impulses. It’s a beautiful circle. That creativity feeds us, and when we are filled, then our creativity is fed and grows. How can you feed that part of yourself ?

DSC04413 DSC04420


I feel full. I feel nourished. I am grateful for all the beauty and sweetness in my life.

Listen to this song. It has been filling me for close to 40 years.


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