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Show us your best, 2015!

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Wow! It’s the last day of the year. Again. Already. Sheesh.

What are the best things that happened to you this last year ? What grand memories/accomplishments/adventures are you bringing forward with you ? Do you have one favorite thing ?

I had a pretty good theme going all year.. I tapped into a beautiful well of creativity and have been able to embrace my artistic self. I did some good writing and took some good photographs. I learned a lot about what creativity is and where it comes from. I can stand and claim myself to be a writer. I have a book which will come out in a few months. I have stuck with the blog ( and thank you for sticking with me!). I have done some other writing. I learned more about my camera and the art of photography. I got a really good start with making a video series about body positivity. I can feel that pull to keep learning and growing in that way. My need to make art has been reborn.

I faced some challenging emotions and learned. I am allowing myself to feel things more fully and deeply. I see myself shedding layers of old stories and beliefs, curious about what will be revealed.

I learned a lot about pleasure this year, and allowing it in. More and more, I can eat with pleasure. More and more, my body gives me pleasure. More and more, I find pleasure and beauty in my life.

I went to some amazingly beautiful places this year. The standout memories are the beautiful island of Crete and Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming. I saw baby bison, eagles, and deer. Precious hummingbirds and butterflies came to my own backyard.  I saw breathtaking sunsets on the beaches of California and Florida. I stood high up on blessed Mt. Shasta, awestruck.

I gardened. I walked. I danced.

I made some new friends and said goodbye to others. I was a good friend to many and there are those to whom I wish I had been better.

My health is good. I feel strong and capable.

Next year, I’ll turn 65 – hello Medicare. I’ll be learning more about stepping into being an elder, a Crone. I’ll be a published author and go on some bookstore tours. Again, I will stand in beautiful places and pray.

I hope to spend more time with loved ones, deepening those connections, celebrating life. I hope to bring light to the darkness and brighten the lives of those around me. I hope for a kinder world. I hope for love.

How about you? Please share your best of 2015 in the comments.

See you next year.

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